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Choose colour in our Colour Booklet to build your bespoke 'Jimi' Vinyl Station. Holding around 500 records, one turntable, and with two flipping buckets, this functional piece of furniture will create a 'space' in your home. 



Showcase your vinyl


The two flipping buckets, each hold around 70 records, and will showcase the iconic artwork from your collection. Another 360 or so records will look great, stacked vertically inside the unit. If you're collection is around 250 or 300 records, this quantity will still look terrific (for example the cabinet won't look too big for the quantity of vinyl).



Benefits of a Vinyl Station


  1. Showcase 300 to 500 records
  2. Two flipping buckets, each holding 70 records
  3. Room for an amplifier and or speakers
  4. Bring you vinyl back into your living area
  5. Introducing a feature piece of furniture to your home
  6. Ease of use, means you'll play more vinyl





Width 1220mm x Depth 400mm x Height 960mm





Material: Post consumer recycled HDPE plastic


Thickness: 20mm


Weight: 45kgs


Bucket width: Both buckets are 335mm wide to fit records, even with plastic sleeves


Capacity: Around 300 records


Strength: Housing joints on verticals for strength


Sustainability: Re-directs waste from landfill. Durable, long life. Can be recycled at end of life.


Functionality: Designed for ease of use


Assembled: You Vinyl Station will arrive assembled, ready to setup



Turntables that will fit this Vinyl Station


Pro-Ject range: Primary E, Debut range

Rega Planar range: 1, 1 Plus, 2, 3/Elys, 6/Ania

Technics SL-1500C

Sony PS-LX310BT

Vertere DG-1

Clear Audio Concept

Audio Technica AT-LP5



Colour variations


Before purchasing please note that each sheet of recycled HDPE plastic is unique. The colour and mix will vary a little from the examples shown. Expect to see a 5% difference.



More information

Best record cabinets for Vinyl


The Vinyl Factory, London

Vinyl Station

Record cabinet for vinyl


    Custom 'Jimi'

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    Refer to shipping time examples

      Choose the colour mix to suit your home

      Scroll through the images on this page to see a range of colour mixes to consider. Or, check out more options by clicking this link below to download the PDF colour booklet. If you want a specific colour mix, just let us know the colours your thinking and the percentage of each colour (eg. 95% black, 5% white). Dust off your vinyl collection, and move them all back into your home. Plus, the equipment to deliver that analogue sound. The ‘Joni’ will deliver a unique piece to  store, showcase and play your vinyl.

      Transform your space with your vinyl collection

      Introduce a feature to your home, and create a space to showcase and play vinyl. Choose a colour mix that suits your homes' interior design theme. If you have a small amount of floorspace, the Joni is a great solution to not only present a stunning piece of furniture, but also show off your collection and safely store your vinyl and hi-fi equipment.

      Each 'flipping bucket' holds 70 albums

      Each ‘flipping bucket’ will showcase your top 70 or so albums. With the album artwork facing outwards, it's almost asking to be played. We believe that presenting these sleeves will make vinyl more approachable, and more likely played.

      Sustainability: recycled materials

      Make a thoughtful choice, rather than one that demands virgin materials. Vinyl Station makes use of recycled plastic, which is a valuable resource. The demand for recycled plastic moves demand from landfill bound plastic, towards a better direction. One which will be valued, and around for a long time.

      Sustainable design

      Thoughtfully designed to deliver functionality, storage and a 'feature piece of furniture' with only a small amount of floor space. Perfect for apartments, or a corner of the living area. Strength, durability, ease of use for vinyl lovers.


      1. Functional design: ease of use, at waist height. Bring vinyl back into your home

      2. Design and feature piece of furniture

      3. Storage: vinyl, turntable, amplifier

      4. Efficient use of floorspace

      Made in Australia


      Designed and made in Australia. We source locally recycled and produced recycled sheets, and even reclaimed timber. We take these sustainable materials, then design and craft each Vinyl Station in our Melbourne and Geelong workshops located in Australia.

      Specification sheets

      Click links to download PDF specification sheets






      HDPE plastic is durable, and the 2cm thick boards create a strong cabinet that will be around as long as your vinyl. Dust can be removed by wiping with a damp cloth. If you need to move your Vinyl Station, always remove all records and hi-fi equipment.


      If in stock, your Vinyl Station will be packed and shipped within 2 days. Depending on your location, check out the example delivery times below, from order date to your home.

      In-stock: freight time examples:

      Melbourne           7 days

      Australia               12 days

      London                 30 days

      Los Angeles        25 days

      Pre-order: manufacturing and freight time examples

      Melbourne           6 weeks

      Australia               7 weeks

      London                 12 weeks

      Los Angeles        12 weeks

      Pre orders requires a 50% deposit


      You can create a bespoke Vinyl Station to fit the space available in your home. And to accommodate your vinyl collection, hi-fi equipment and even speakers. Tell us exactly the colour mix you want, and the equipment you have. We will suggest a design solution. Email to explore your ideas. 

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