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Record cabinet gallery

Check out this range of record cabinet consoles, with various designs and colours available. You can check out the record cabinet designs and colours we have in stock. Or, you can choose a colour mix to suit your space, and also design a custom cabinet to fit your hi-fi equipment and your vinyl record collection.

Record cabinet colours

If there are no suitable colour mixes here, you can create your own bespoke look. Simply email us with what you're thinking. We will guide you to determine the perfect mix of colours.  For custom designs, we can create a storage solution to perfectly fit your turntable, amplifier, receiver and even bookshelf speakers. 

Things to consider for creating the perfect vinyl record storage solution

1. The size of your vinyl record collection

2. What hi-fi equipment you have - turntable, receiver, amplifier

3. Dimensions (length, width, height) of your turntable, receive and amplifier

4. Floor space available in your home

5. Consider a colour to suit your space, or a colour to introduce a feature piece

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