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Record cabinet for vinyl

If you're looking for a record cabinet to showcase all your precious vinyl. Then take a look at these vinyl cabinets. Made in Melbourne, Australia, and designed to flip and play vinyl easily. Playing vinyl is a pleasurable and immersive experience when you have a Vinyl Station. Browsing or flipping, the choosing, removing the record, placing down the sleeve whilst you place the vinyl on the the turntable. We believe a Vinyl Station makes this process easier. Which means, you'll play your vinyl record collection more often.

What to look for in a record cabinet
  1. Ergonomic design, to flip and easily play vinyl

  2. Vinyl storage capacity

  3. Amplifier capacity

  4. Sustainably made

The vinyl music experience

Playing vinyl is probably the best music experience you can have, other than being there at a live gig. And a Vinyl Station compliments the analogue experience, creating an even better experience.

record cabinet

Analogue delivery of music has a deeper sound and higher quality of sound, than audio delivered by streaming services. Yes, there are high fidelity streaming options, but many believe the quality doesn't match audio from vinyl. And most would agree the 'vinyl experience' is better and more immersive.

record cabinet

To play vinyl, you need a decent collection, to cater to the vibe that you're looking for across the day, week or year. What's playing on Friday night of course differs to Sunday morning. You need speakers (powered / active or not) and if not powered speakers, then an amplifier.

record cabinet

“It was so exciting to go to the record shop and buy a piece of vinyl and hold it, read the liner notes, look at the pictures. Even the smell of the vinyl.”

Martin Gore, Depeche Mode

record cabinet

All this hi-fi equipment means you need space, and a storage unit. Most Vinophiles have a cabinet, however many of these 'vinyl' cabinets don't have a flipping bucket. Vinyl Station record cabinets do, and this functionality makes playing vinyl more approachable, and easier, particularly when removing the vinyl from its sleeve.

record cabinet

Record cabinets, sustainably made

If you're looking for a record cabinet, and would prefer to make a sustainable choice, then consider a Vinyl Station. Rather than choosing a vinyl console made from virgin material, Vinyl Station provides an option to contribute to the circular economy. Each Vinyl Station is made from 100% recycled HDPE plastic.

record cabinet

Australian made

Using local waste that's been collected, recycled and processed into pellets. The recycled HDPE plastic material we use is created by melting the pellets, by blending colours, to create a stunning finish. In our Geelong an Melbourne workshops, we then cut, shape and fit each board, into our designs. These designs celebrate the material and the finish, and present to you, your vinyl, and your turntable.

Is this the best designed vinyl record cabinet?

Potentially. There are many record console solutions available. However, not many offer a flipping or digging bucket. The Jimi Vinyl Station has two! If you require three or four flipping buckets, we can do that! Good design means a lot of things, but probably the most important is the ability to easily use the object. We believe Vinyl Station designs deliver on just that, usability.

Custom record cabinet

We can create a custom record cabinet, to suit your collection size, turntable, amplifier and speakers. Plus, you can choose your own colour mix. Check out the range of colours in the Colour Booklet.

Here are some colour mix examples to consider.

record cabinet

record cabinet

record cabinet

record cabinet

record cabinet

Custom design vinyl console

If you have an idea of the perfect design, we can work with you on creating a solution to perfectly fit your amplifier, speakers and vinyl collection. Here are some designs to consider, with room for an amplifier, and solutions that do not require an amplifier and only a turntable and bookshelf speakers.

Record cabinet specifications to consider
record cabinet

record cabinet

record cabinet

record cabinet

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