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Contact Vinyl Station to discuss a record cabinet solution

Please reach out to us to explore your ideas, and to discuss a a Vinyl Station. We suggest you check out the various Vinyl Station designs and the Colour Booklet to explore a wide range of colour mixes that you can choose to suit your space.

Please email our team to start this conversation and to consider and discuss the following points:

  1. Floor space available

  2. Vinyl record collection - capacity required

  3. Material type and colour - recycled plastic or reclaimed Australian hardwood

  4. Hi-fi equipment to be stored - amplifier, bookshelf speakers, receiver

White recycled plastic record cabinet

Vinyl Station record cabinets allow you to bring your vinyl back from storage in the garage, and back into your living area. Plus, a Vinyl Station is also a storage solution. Vinyl and the hi-fi equipment required to play records, can take up quite a lot of room. A Vinyl Station solves this problem. A small amount of floor space is required, and that floor space will store and showcase your previous vinyl records. As well as safely store your amplifier, receiver and turntable. Introducing a Vinyl Station to your home will also bring a 'feature piece' to your home's style, and a functional music area. We believe you will play vinyl more often, due to the design. At waist height, you can dig through your collection, pick out an LP, carefully remove the disc and play.


Vinyl Station

Melbourne, Australia

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