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Record cabinets sustainabily made

Sustainability is key with all elements of Vinyl Station record cabinets. From timeless design, sourcing of materials, manufacturing, product longevity and product end of life.


Vinyl console design

Designed to be visually unique and for longevity, each Vinyl Station is a strong and durable piece of furniture. The functional design, that encourages flipping and playing vinyl at waist height, means your Vinyl Station will be relevant and used as long as vinyl records are around.


Sourcing of sustainable materials

We only craft Vinyl Stations from sustainable materials. Either post consumer recycled plastics, or reclaimed Australian hardwoods. We would never choose a virgin plastic, or wood sourced from old growth forests. Globally, and as well as in Australia, plastic waste is a problem. According to the  DCCEEW, in 2020 Australians used 3.4 million tonnes of plastic, and much of which goes to landfill. We’re turning this valuable resource into something that’s useful for decades. Plus, we’re diverting this waste from landfill. 


Recycled post consumer HDPE plastic

With a wide range of colour choices and colour mixes, plus the stunning speckle that each colour mix creates, post consumer plastic a great choice. HDPE plastic is durable and strong, and will stand the test of time.

Recycled plastic flake

Reclaimed Australian hardwood

Only trusted suppliers of reclaimed timbers are considered when sourcing particular timbers. When starting the process of designing a Vinyl Station, will carefully select reclaimed timber from either Whelan The Warehouse in Port Melbourne, or Timberzoo in Geelong. Reclaimed timbers include Messmate, Blackwood, Red Gum, Jarrah, Ironbark and many more.

Australian made

Each Vinyl Station is made in our Geelong or Melbourne workshops, from locally sourced sustainable materials. By taking waste plastic, recycling it, and creating something with real value at the location where the original material has been sourced, this process is a great example of sustainability. Australian made products means that less shipping is required, as locally made avoids the need for international freight from parts of the world where much manufacturing occurs.

Sustainably Australian made

Waste and manufacturing process

We aim to be efficient, to keep costs down, but also to avoid waste from plastic sheets or from precious Australian hardwoods. Plastic waste such as off cuts and shavings from circular saws is gathered, decontaminated and recycled with GT Recycling, a commercial recycler in Geelong, Australia.


We avoid generating microplastics. Therefore, we do not sand a Vinyl Station that’s been crafted from recycled HDPE plastic. The HDPE plastic sheets we select each have a unique character, with the mix of colours, but also the matte finish and surface marks and scratches. These marks add character to the matte finish.

Product longevity

Recycled plastic Vinyl Stations feature 20mm thick HDPE sheets, which deliver ongoing durability and strength. We only select quality Australian hardwoods, and we laminate and glue these sheets together, which delivers a strong piece of furniture.

Product end of life

If for any reason a Vinyl Station is at the end of its life, the next phase fits within a sustainable mind frame. Recycled HDPE plastic Vinyl Stations can be recycled by commercial recyclers, and hardwood is biodegradable, even with the natural wood stains that we use. Our wood stains are generally hemp seed oil blended with other specialty natural oils.

Circular economy

We believe the circular economy should be supported and a consideration with not only sourcing and manufacturing, but also with customers’ purchase decisions. It’s important to divert plastic waste from landfill, into a path creating value, and if required at end of life the ability to be recycled and fed back into the circular economy.
More information

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Recycled HDPE plastic colour booklet

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