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Best record cabinets by Vinyl Station

Vinyl and hi-fi equipment like amplifiers and turntables require space to store, but to also operate. That's why you need the best record cabinet or vinyl console to suit. Whilst most turntables and amplifiers are generally the same size and specifications, however the volume of ones' record collection can vary greatly. Also, the available space in your home must be considered. In saying that, it's best to consider a solution that's efficient with regards to floor space, and the capacity to safely store your hi-fi equipment and vinyl records.

Best record cabinets for vinyl

With a quick online search on Google, or a marketplace like Amazon or Etsy, you will find many record cabinets. Most will fit 50 to 100 vinyl records, and room for a turntable. Occasionally you'll find a vinyl console that has presents albums stacked upright, facing you, ready to flip and choose. If we're talking about the 'best', then we must consider a record cabinet that is designed to facilitate every criteria:

  1. Storage of vinyl

  2. Amplifier and turntable

  3. Furniture design and material finish and colour

  4. Flipping function

How to choose the right record cabinet

The act of playing vinyl involves multiple actions that includes browsing or flipping, removing the vinyl record for the inner and outer sleeve, placing the sleeve down, and then placing the record on the turntable. Last of course, is pressing a button or two to commence playing. These various actions mean you need a physical solution to facilitate each step, making the process easy. Not only functionality, you also need to consider the aesthetics of the design, the colour and finish of the material used to craft the cabinet, and the size to suit your equipment, vinyl collection and space available. Here are the points to consider when choosing the best record cabinet.

“I’m a big collector of vinyl – I have a record room in my house – and I’ve always had a huge soundtrack album collection. So what I do, as I’m writing a movie, is go through all those songs, trying to find good songs for fights, or good pieces of music to layer into the film.”

Quentin Tarantino

Black record cabinet with Encel amplifier and Pro-Ject Carbon turntable

Vinyl record cabinet: collection size and storage capacity

One's vinyl collection size does not determine their enthusiasm for playing vinyl. However, for those who are passionate about vinyl, and collecting vinyl, it's most likely their collection includes multiple genres, and a good range of albums in each. When considering a cabinet solution to store, showcase and play your vinyl, you must consider the capacity of that cabinet. The Joni Vinyl Station will suit many vinyl lovers' collections, with the capacity to store up to 300 LP's.

A white record cabinet with white hi-fi, turntable and amplifier

Record cabinet to suit your amplifier and turntable

Most turntables are around 40cm to 45cm wide, and 40cm deep. Or 15 inches to 18 inches wide, or 15 inches deep. Amplifiers are usually the same size or smaller. Of course, there are options available that are larger, when a custom record cabinet solution is required. For most examples of hi-fi equipment, most records cabinets will suit. What you must consider is the most suitable solution to fit your hi-fi equipment.

Record cabinet materials and finishes to suit your home

Interior design is important. For those with specific themes, and often will individual tastes, the material and finish of any furniture piece should be considered. Record cabinet finishes and design can be considered to suit the current theme in your room, or the introduction of a 'feature piece' can be a powerful addition. Record cabinets on the market are mostly made from high volume materials, with a few options where a console is crafted from stunning timbers and even sustainable materials like reclaimed timber and recycled plastic.

Record cabinet size to suit your space

Furniture takes up floor space and should be chosen to suit the amount of space you have, to fit with other pieces, and to be functional and efficient with storage. The same applies to record cabinets, which need to fit the floor space in your home or room where it will be placed. Vinyl Station record cabinets are an efficient use of floor space. The Joni, requires a small area, 86cmm or 33 inches wide, and 40cm or 16 inches deep from front to back.

Buying a record cabinet

Once you've considered the materials and finishes to suit your space, plus the requirements of your vinyl collection size, amplifier, turntable and room available, you're ready to consider the best options. Consider the ready to purchase record cabinets available at the Vinyl Station online store, and feel free to reach out and discuss a custom designed solution, in your own bespoke colour mix to suit.

Black record cabinet with Pro-Ject Carbon turntable and Encel amplifier

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