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About Vinyl Station record cabinets

Vinyl Station creates record cabinets with a design to make playing vinyl easy. In 2022 the first Vinyl Station was designed and built in our Geelong workshop, as there were no solutions available. Record cabinets available at online stores and furniture stores were all low, meaning you need to bend over to choose, and play vinyl. So, we designed the perfect record cabinet that equally delivered each of the following aspects:

1. Visual design

2. Designed for functionality: ease of use at waist height

3. Sustainable materials

4. Storage of vinyl records, turntable, amplifier, bookshelf speakers

Vinyl record storage

record cabinet


Visually stunning materials, sustainability and functionality are key with any Vinyl Station record cabinet. Materials such as reclaimed Australian hardwood, and recycled HDPE plastic are sourced to craft a design that makes it easy to play vinyl, meaning you will play more music. The first Vinyl Stations were crafted from reclaimed messmate, and then reclaimed Tasmanian Blackwood, both Australian hardwoods. With sustainability in mind, we only source reclaimed timber from trusted suppliers and sources. We would never source reclaimed timber that has been sourced from old growth forests.

In 2022, recycled HDPE post consumer plastic was sourced and tested successfully. Recycled plastic offered the opportunity to create a wide range of colour mixes and even bespoke colour mixes.

Colour options record cabinet
Recycled plastic colour options

Custom record cabinet console

If you have several pieces of hi-fi equipment or wide turntable, a specific amount of floor space, or a particular colour or colour mix that’s required to make an impact in your home, please reach out via email at We are happy to discuss the perfect solution.

Information about Vinyl Station record cabinets

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