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Vinyl Station at Rathdowne Records

Rathdowne Records

If you'd like to check out a Vinyl Station, drop into Rathdowne Records in Northcote Melbourne, and say hi to Joel. Rathdowne Records is a unique record store, and has a constant supply of fresh vinyl. Joel stocks an eclectic mix across many genres. With a deep collection of Jazz, World Music, Funk and Soul, plus the usual classics and interesting pressings of Rock, Folk, R&B and Electronic genres.

Rathdowne Records cabinet

Rathdowne Records

Operating for over 15 years, and originally located in Carlton as a DVD and then Jazz records destination, Rathdowne Records moved to Northcote High Street in Melbourne for additional space. The store expanded. Still known as a Jazz specialist, Joel has over 14,000 records available across all genres. With such a wide mix of music and large collection, you can spend some serious time here. Joel also has some really cool vintage hi-fi equipment to checkout. While the term 'rare finds' gets thrown around a lot, Rathdowne has plenty.

Rathdowne Records store

Joel has a regular supply of new vinyl sourced locally, from Japan, Africa, the US and Europe. He posts updates and new stuff regularly on Facebook an Instagram, so it's worth keeping an eye on his social feed.

Rathdowne Records Google map link

Vinyl Station

Flip, play and chill is what Vinyl Station is all about. Our designs make it easy to do just that. The ease of the 'vinyl' experience means you'll play your treasured collection more often. Launched in Melbourne in 2023, we only create from sustainable materials, like recycled plastic and reclaimed timber.

The Joni Vinyl Station will showcase 300 records, with turntable bench, and 70 album digging bucket.

Record cabinet

Record cabinet console

Sustainable record cabinet

Record cabinet for larger collections

For collections up to 500 discs, the Jimi will create an awesome space.

Functional record cabinet

Black record cabinet

Vinyl record digging

Consider a colour mix to suit your space

We can craft a Vinyl Station with a colour mix to fit your room, or to introduce a feature. Check out the colour mixes in our Colour Booklet.


We can create a design to suit your turntable, amplifier and speakers. Just let us know what hi-fi equipment you have, and we'll come up with some ideas. Here are some designs below to consider.

Vinyl record cabinet specifications

Record cabinet console

Vinyl record cabinet design

More info

Email or take a look at the below pages.

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