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Is this the world's first recycled record cabinet?

Back in 2020, when we were looking for a record cabinet, we wanted a solution that was made sustainably, and with a design so you could flip through a few records, and play at waist height. I couldn’t find anything anywhere online.

This is a black Encel amplifier and Pro-Ject turntable

So, we played around with some of my own designs. And decided on two flipping buckets at the top was ideal, with a turntable bench, and two rows of storage space underneath to vertically stack vinyl. Another decision was to place two bookshelf speakers within the unit, to create a single storage, functional and visual solution. We worked on these sketches for a few weeks.

Record cabinet design
Record cabinet design

Next we found some old Builders’ Board, sourced from a demolisher, and started cutting with a circular saw to the design measurements. After many hours of measuring, cutting each piece to fit, and screwing together, we had an incredible solution.

Vinyl was played much more often. The record sleeve artwork and information was being read and checked out more. The television was turned off, and Spotify was less often on (playing the same old playlists). Not only was vinyl played much more often, we were digging through the entire collection and playing albums that have rarely been played.

Vinyl Station was then launched. Only made from recycled materials, or reclaimed timber. With recycled plastic, we had to be particular about microplastics, and plastic waste. So, we didn’t and still don’t sand or polish our plastic cabinets. We gather, decontaminate and deliver our plastic waste to a specialist recycler, to be fed back into the circular economy.

Sustainability, Design, Furniture

We aim to offer three things, a sustainable solution made in Australia, a design that encourages playing more vinyl, and a stunning piece of furniture. Also, we wanted to produce a product that diverted waste from landfill, to be a part of the circular economy, and one that can be recycled at end of life.

Notice the white record cabinet with white hi-fi amplifier and turntable

The Jimi Vinyl Station weighs 55 kilograms. Which equates to around 1,000 two litre empty milk bottles and lids. Or 15 to 20 years of individual consumption. Not only was our solution sustainable, but also demanded a large volume of valuable resources that were readily available. We hope that Vinyl Station shines a light on the circular economy.

Record cabinet, Jimi
Record cabinet - Jimi

Record cabinet made in Australia
Made in Australia

Record cabinet, Australian made
Vinyl records

Digging for vinyl records
Flipping bucket

It’s important for all of us to recycle plastic waste correctly. This includes washing the waste item, and then determining if this item can be placed in your council bin. If not, then find a suitable recycling solution.

Here are some links to find out about recycling correctly

Australian Government: Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water DCCEEW

See the black theme, with Pro-Ject Carbon turntable and Encel Brains amplifier

More information

For more information regarding the sustainability aspects of Vinyl Station, please refer to our sustainability page.

Matching white hi-fi Pro-Ject turntable, Encel amplifier and record cabinet


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