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Product profile: Joni Vinyl Station

White record cabinet in living room

The 'Joni' is a great Vinyl Station solution. Not only does this sustainable piece of functional furniture deliver ease of use, it also requires only a small amount of floor space.

The benefits of this record cabinet are:

  1. Striking furniture piece

  2. Efficient use of floor space

  3. Ease of use - flip and play at waist height

  4. Sustainable design and materials

  5. Showcase 300 vinyl records

  6. Turntable bench

White theme with record cabinet, Pro-Ject turntable and Brains amplifier by Encel

Feature piece of furniture

The visual design, along with the colour of your choice, this record cabinet will introduce a feature piece to your home.

Record cabinet with turntable, digging bucket and 200 albums

Efficient use of floor space

If you have an area in your home, perhaps along a long wall, or in an unused corner, the Joni requires only 860mm of width, and 400mm in depth from the front of the cabinet to the wall. This small area, about the same as a coffee table requires, delivers functionality, storage, and a visual highlight.

To download the specifications sheet PDF, click this link.

Ease of use

Traditional record cabinets are low in height. Which means you're required to bend down to browse, choose, remove the vinyl and place it on the turntable. This process can be cumbersome, and physically a challenge. This issue is overcome with an ergonomic design, that allows you do all these steps at waist height.

Australian made record cabinet in white

Sustainable design and materials

Timeless design, easy to use, and crafted from recycled materials that were destined for landfill. This record cabinet delivers on all aspects of sustainable design. Plus, it can be recycled at end-of-life.

Record cabinet designed to store 300 records

Showcase 300 vinyl records

According to Discogs, the average size of music lovers vinyl collection is around 100. The Joni, will comfortably showcase 100 records and also look great! Plus, will allow you to grow your collection to 300.

Pro-Ject Carbon turntable with Brains amplifier by Encel

“If I was a billionaire, and had my time all over, I would invest all of my money in setting up a factory to produce vinyl records again.”

Roger Daltrey

Turntable bench

Most turntables available will fit on the turntable bench, which is 500mm wide, and 400 deep. If your turntable is wider model, or is narrow, then we can create a Vinyl Station with a turntable bench to suit.

Record cabinet front elevation specifications

Next: choose a colour

If the Joni delivers on what you need with the space you have, the next consideration is the colour mix of the recycled plastic material. Here are a few options to consider, or email us the specific colours you want, and the percentage of each colour (for example 95% black, 5% white). We will then custom manufacture the material, and craft the cabinet. To see examples colour mix percentages, click this link to download the Colour Booklet.

See the contrast of black hi-fi and white record cabinet

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