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Vinyl Station is now on EKKO

It's great to be listed on who aim to make eco product choices easy. This platform offers transparency with eco aspects of products, to help you make a more thoughtful choice. EKKO showcases a wide range of product categories, and provides the sustainable attributes of products such as, recycled materials, locally made, or if a product or business is Australian owned and operated.

Record cabinet now on EKKO

EKKO is an online resource where you can:
  1. Find eco products, brands and services, with information providing transparency to help make product decisions based on your values

  2. An 'EKKO score' to guide you with product decisions

  3. Information hub: detailed articles regarding sustainability, events and crowd funding activities

  4. Find local producers and service providers

  5. Recycling information: what you can recycled, where and how

Product categories

You can search and browse across many different product categories. These categories include home, fashion, body, DIY, business, garden, lifestyle, supply chain and services. The services category includes some interesting initiatives such as the Ethical Advice Accelerator, which provides information and resources for Financial Advisors to help make ethical investment advice and decisions.

How EKKO score works

An EKKO score is generated when a brand declares (self declared or certified) sustainable aspects of a product. Where the brand declares their products' eco credentials and a score is provided. The EKKO score is independent of any influence such as advertisers or sponsors, and is a tool for customers to help with sustainable purchase decisions. These aspects or criteria include ten different variables:

  1. Energy, utility

  2. Organic, chemical free

  3. Re-cycle or re-marketed

  4. Conservation, environment

  5. Packaging

  6. Place of origin

  7. Artisan

  8. Multi-sector and full cycled

  9. No exploitation

  10. Sharing

The EKKO score is determined via an AI or machine learning algorithm that weighs each category score and certifications, guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This single score (out of 100) is aggregated from the 10 different categories.

Also, there's a traffic light system:

  • 50 or over = Eco Green

  • 20 to 49 = Orange, worth considering

  • under 20 = Red, consider

Information hub

There's loads of articles regarding sustainability information with products, education and industry information.

Find local producers and services

The 'Find Your Local' tool allows you to enter your location, and then identify local makers and service providers in multiple categories. The idea is that by choosing 'local' minimises environmental footprint, strengthen communities, and supports local employment.

Recycling information

The Recycling tool shows you what you can recycle, and where you can recycle that particular product.


This independent and valuable resource is worth a look. Check out the products and categories at EKKO

Vinyl Station on EKKO


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