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Product profile: Jimi Vinyl Station

If you have a collection of 200 to 500 records, then Jimi is for you. This record cabinet has been designed to deliver the following:

  1. Showcase 200 to 500 records

  2. Sustainable design and materials

  3. Turntable bench

  4. Maximising a small amount of floor space

Download the Jimi specifications PDF document for more detailed information.

This is a black record cabinet, with black Pro-Ject turntable and black Encel amplifier

Showcase your vinyl records

Vinyl is beautiful, either stacked vertically from a side angle, and of course with the iconic album artwork. Jimi allows you to showcase 500 records, and around 150 of those can be placed in the 'flipping buckets' with the album artwork facing out, almost asking to be played.

record cabinet made sustainably in black


Sustainability is not just about the environment. The Jimi has a sustainable design, at waist height you can flip, remove the vinyl from its sleeve, place the sleeve down, and easily play. Plus, the Jimi is crafted from 100% post consumer plastic, which was destined for landfill. Therefore, choosing a Vinyl Station, rather than a cabinet made from virgin materials, is a sustainable choice. Sustainability also considers lifetime of the product. The Jimi is durable, and will last as long as your records. Plus, if there is an end-of-life for your Vinyl Station, it can be recycled.

Vinyl flipping bucket that holds 70 albums

Turntable bench

The turntable bench is 470mm wide, and will fit most turntables. If your turntable is much narrower than 470mm, or wider, we can craft a solution for you.

Record cabinet specifications, Jimi

Maximising floor space

1220mm of width along a wall, or in a corner of your living area, is the space you need. This area is small, considering the two vinyl shelves, two flipping buckets, and turntable bench that the Jimi brings.

Vinyl record digging bucket

“Vinyl is the real deal. I’ve always felt like, until you buy the vinyl record, you don’t really own the album. And it’s not just me or a little pet thing or some kind of retro romantic thing from the past. It is still alive.”

Jack White

Encel black amplifier with black Pro-Ject turntable

Next: choose a colour

Check out some of the colours below. And click this link to see the Colour Booklet. If you're thinking of another colour to suit your space, please email us with your colours choices and the percentage of each colour. We will then custom manufacture the recycled plastic sheet to suit, and then craft your Vinyl Station.

See link below for more information about Vinyl Station record cabinets

Paired amplifier and turntable with black record cabinet

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